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PRFC - Predicting Starting XI Lineup Game

This is a fan contest not associated with the Phoenix Rising FC. It's a guessing game that we try predict the starting XI lineup for every game.


- Submit 11 Rising players last names and/or nicknames figuring out who is playing that day.
- First Rising goal and final score predictions.
- To submit your lineups, please use Twitter and submit them to @Wolfyre13 or reply back to the main thread for that game.
- Anybody can participate in this competition, it's best to stay consistent each week.
- If you haven't submitted any lineups in 5+ games in a row. I'm presuming you probably drop out of this competition.

The deadline to submit your predicting starting XI lineups usually two hours before the game starts.

Scoring Template
Category - Points Awarded
Player Each - 2
First Goal - 2
First Score - 2
Total - 15

2019 2020

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