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DRC Madness

What Should Be The Next Madness Bracket?

Here are the official rules for DRC Madness.

1st - Nominate items
2st - A voting poll to determine who qualifies for the tournament
3rd - Then the madness tournament begins

There three options on how to vote:
- Bold your choice on whom you are voting for.
- Delete the word you are NOT voting for and the other word is your choice.
- If you plan on passing on a vote, please notate it or don't bold anything then I determine you skipped it.

The scenario orders on how ties are broken, to help determine the winner and advance that specific item towards the next round.
1st - If there are any ties in the 1st round, then both items will be advance and will become a 3-way match-up for the 2nd round. (This will only affect the 1st round.) For 3-way ties, please only vote for one item.
2nd - From 2nd round going forward when the voting is over and if there are any ties. Based on the votes, from all the rounds. Then all the votes will be tally together.
3rd - Similar to scenario #2 if there still is a tie, then the previous round votes will determine the winner. If still a tie in that round, then the round before that. If all the rounds have a tie, the items turn into a 3-way match-up.

DRC: Tournament Madness Brackets
# Year Month Theme Threads Voting Results & Tourney Spreadsheets - Winner Nominated DRC Username #
1 2017 March Music The Beatles memebag IdRatherBeSkiing 4
2 2017 September Movies Star Wars IV: A New Hope IdRatherBeSkiing MadisonRadio1 3
3 2017 October Halloween Trick or Treating MadisonRadio1 "No Nomination" 3
4 2017 November Automobiles 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Aaron scotchandcigar 2
5 2017 December Ice Cream Vanilla IdRatherBeSkiing Wolf 2
6 2017 December Christmas Christmas Tree scotchandcigar Aaron 1
7 2018 January TV Shows The Simpsons Wolf Channel98 1
8 2018 Februaruy Alcohol Allagash Tripel Beer scotchandcigar HecticArt 1
9 2018 March Music #2 The Beatles "No Nomination" JHDK 1
10 2018 April Fast Food Wendy's JHDK memebag 1
11 2018 May Cartoon CharactersBugs Bunny IdRatherBeSkiing
12 2018 June Movies #2 Back To The Future, Part 1 MadisonRadio1
13 2018 August Music Albums The Wall by Pink Floyd IdRatherBeSkiing
14 2018 September NFL New Orleans Saints IdRatherBeSkiing
15 2018 October Actors & Actresses Meryl Streep Wolf
16 2019 January Ultimate Madness Ferris Bueller's Day Off "No Nomination"
17 2019 March Food Fight Pizza MadisonRadio1
18 2019 June Saturday Night Live Phil Hartman / Dana Carvey & Mike Myers "Wayne's World" HecticArt / Channel98
19 2019 July Sports Theme ????? "No Nomination"

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